Horror Host Retrospective: Marlena Midnite

Marlena Midnite

Real name: Aude Metzger
Years active: 2006-present, Iowa and nationwide

Marlena Midnite was an up and coming actress when she was struck and killed by a streetcar in the 1930’s. Bargaining with the Grim Reaper for a new lease on life, Marlena lives in a mausoleum, accompanied by a kooky mail girl and a few puppets, and she hosts her show from the graveyard.

In reality, Marlena Midnite is the creation of Aude Metzger, a very talented performer. She is still relatively new, but she is making her presence known on the Internet. Her films are mostly public domain, with a few Euro-horror titles tossed for good measure.

Midnite Mausoleum began in Iowa and is still running today across the country on various public access stations.  Marlena can be reached through her website.