Horror Host Flashback: Sir Cecil Creape

Sir Cecil Creape/The Phantom of the Opry
Real name: Russ McCown
Years active: 1971-1973/1983-1985, Middle TN

The next horror host to call Middle Tennessee home was Sir Cecil, who hosted Creature Feature on WSMV-TV (and later the nationally syndicated TNN in the mid 80’s). Again, I fear that I was too young for Sir Cecil’s original run, but the man was quite a fixture in the Nashville community, even leading his own Boy Scout troop.

As a funny aside, the announcer for Creature Feature? None other than Ken “Dr. Lucifer” Bramming.

I’d say more, but I think this article sums everything I could say about the man

Many thanks to Dr. Gangrene for the above information and the article