Happily Ever After?

WARNING:  I’m About to Shatter My Own Childhood…And Possibly Yours Too.

The plot always goes the same.  You start with a girl.  She’s plain and simple in every way but she has a kind heart and big dreams that she longs to fulfill.  Enter the antagonist unusually in the form of a queen, stepmother, or unfortunate looking classmate.  Young girl struggles with adversity but ultimately achieves all her dreams.  The evil queen/stepmother/unfortunate looking classmate is killed/put in her place/embarrassed in front of a large crowd of peers.  Our lovely, beautiful young lady marries, becomes a princess or prom queen (provided that she isn’t already on), and rides off into the sunset with her true love to live happily ever after. 

What a crock of grade-A bullshit. 

For my entire life, I have tried to make my own fairytale.  I gave everybody a fair chance to be my friend, obeyed my parents religiously, and studied hard in school.  All this in the hopes that I would one day ride off into the sunset with all of my fondest wishes fulfilled. 

Instead of the princess, I am a slave to my job, my internship, time, obligations, etc.  Instead of cosmic struggles that enable quick success, I am forced to merely meander through my normal life without the opportunity or motivation to achieve any promotion out of my current standing.  Instead of riding into the sunset, I am forced to spend a mere two hours a week with my one true love, NonProductive.   

At the tender age of 21, I have come to the realization that life doesn’t work like a fairytale.  That sometimes, some other maiden rides off with your prince, some other scoundrel manages to weasel his way into the position you been craving, or some other evil queen destroys the life you have worked so hard to maintain.  I have come to the realization that no matter what you do, there will always be another obstacle to keep you from achieving ‘happily ever after.’  Even when it seems that you are at the top, there is always a cloud obscuring the true peak. (How depressing is that?) Every cloud has to silver lining though.  While this modern day fairytale doesn’t end with fulfilled dreams and carriage rides into the sunset, it does end with a wish.  A wish that I’ll get to live the fairytale, be the princess, and have instant karma eventually catch up to the queen. 

I never want to have my dreams fulfilled.  For if my all my dreams come true, the nights would made up off silence and darkness… 

And every good princess knows that darkness is a sad way to end a fairytale. 

HHH:  Heads Held High, we all get what we deserve…eventually 

Till Next Time Dreamers, 

Samantha “I’ll Get My Fairytale Someday” Little