Game of Thrones Predictions that will absolutely never happen

Spoilers maybe by accident? Ignore me!

? Sansa hasn’t actually learned anything, and she’s still just saying stuff that make things worse.

? Dany turned into a reverse-warg at the sound of the bells and it was Drogon riding HER into battle – thus the bloodlust.

โšฐ๏ธ Arya decides that killing isn’t the way even though it really did help a lot just recently.

? No, wait, Bran warged into Drogan and he’s was just after those sexy bitches that took his legs!

โ›„ When the Mountain’s helmet came off he was a White Walker/Wight thing underneath. That’s how they brought him back from the dead originally. He head’s north.

โ“ Listen, somebody’s gotta warg into something.

? Melisandre’s prophecy of “shit is going down” comes true, marking a first for the series.

? Tyrion and (Force Ghost) Jaime break it to Bron, “No no… we said you get *Olive* Garden” and it ends with a freeze frame of them all laughing like a 70s TV show.

?๏ธ Jon kills Dany with Ice 2.0 and gets a bitching new flaming sword out of it. The signs were all there if you were smart enough to see them!

What are yours?!

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