Epic Alicia Keys Cover Song

So, yesterday morning I stumbled upon this youtube clip of Alicia Keys doing a cover of a song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I believe the true effect of this rendition can only be achieved if you watch/listen without any idea of what’s coming up – so try not to spoil it for yourselves by reading the title of the video.

Yeah. You just heard what you thought you heard. Awesome, no?

You want to hear the even more awesomer part? One of the top commenters on the video was none other than Michael Silversher of Silversher & Silversher, the duo that wrote this legendary theme as well as countless others.

Class act.

You read that correctly:

What a surprise!! Patty Silversher and I wrote this song for the Disney TV series in 1986. It’s a thrill to hear Ms. Keys poke fun and be at the same time sincere in this most soulful version ever! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!! Thanks again, Alicia and Jimmy, too!! We Love you!

– Michael Silversher

In all fairness to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – I opted to subscribe to Mr. Silversher’s youtube page instead.

So, what’s your favorite cartoon theme song?

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