#DisneyPower #MarchMadness Round One – FIGHT!

Disney Death Battle - Part 1 by JoshNg http://joshng.deviantart.com/
Disney Death Battle – Part 1 by JoshNg

Welcome to the Round 1 for Non-Productive.com‘s March Madness competition to determine the most powerful Disney character of all time!

With this week’s exciting Play-In round complete, we’re finally ready to announce the bracket for this year’s competition, and boy is it a doozy! It sickens us, literally sickens us that half of these fine contestants will be dropped after our first round – but such is life.

Everyone at NonPro is eagerly reading between the lines of each nomination, seed, and vote in the desperate attempt to make sense of just why someone considers one character more powerful than another, but of course you can clear it all up by volunteering to tell us your motivation in the box below each of the 32 games below!

This round is over, for the latest round,


For this year’s nerd-centric March Madness, we’re asking you, the geeks of the world, to decide once and for all which Disney character is the most powerful of them all! And “powerful” is big word – it can mean infinite cosmic abilities like Genie, a breakout star like Olaf, a legendary icon like Mickey, or a character that breaks molds to inspires us like Mulan.

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Game 1

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


Olaf from Frozen

While Olaf might be the character that launched a thousand merchandising items, Maleficent is power personified, both as “Mistress of All Evil” and as a badass woman of fiction.

Game 2

Elsa from Frozen


Merlin from The Sword in the Stone

Merlin might be the incarnation of wizardly power for generations, but it would be hard to deny the impact of Queen Elsa.

Game 3

Jafar from Aladdin


Arthur from The Sword in the Stone

The Once and Future King Arthur as a lad, versus the Vizier and would-be Sultan Jafar. It’s lamp versus sword!

Game 4

Jasmine from Aladdin


Scar from The Lion King

Jasmine comes from a long line of Disney princesses that refuse to settle for what is offered to them, and frankly, that’s Scar’s back story too. Only Jasmine probably didn’t have to toss her brother off a cliff.

Game 5

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty


Mushu from Mulan

Mushu was once a guardian spirit of the Fa family, and set the bar high for Disney sidekicks voiced by celebrity scene-stealers, but the Red, Blue and Green Fairies from Sleeping Beauty were the original inspiration for TV’s the Golden Girls.

Game 6

Beast from Beauty and the Beast


Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Finally, a Disney prince that wasn’t just window dressing – Beast snarls his way into battle with Alice, Disney’s definitive take on an iconic character.

Game 7

Ursula from The Little Mermaid


Darkwing Duck from Darkwing Duck

Darkwing was our champion from The Disney Afternoon, doing battle with the baddest b*tch witch under the sea, Ursula!

Game 8

Rafiki from The Lion King


Bernard & Bianca from The Rescuers

It’s the wisdom of Rafiki up against the cleverness of The Rescuers in Game 8 of our March Madness!

Game 9

Mulan from Mulan


Max (the sentient starship) from Flight of the Navigator

Max, the sentient starship from Flight of the Navigator bucked the odds when he defeated the Animatronic Lincoln in our Play-In round, but he’s in for the battle of his life up against Mulan, perhaps the most significant, powerful, commanding Disney “princess” of all time!

Game 10

Mufasa from The Lion King


Chip and Dale from Rescue Rangers and Cartoon Shorts

Mufasa swallows Chip and Dale in one gulp.

Game 11

Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6


Meg from Hercules

Baymax is dedicated to keep Hiro healthy and safe, but can he put up a match for the god of death?

Game 12

Ariel from The Little Mermaid


Shere Khan from The Jungle Book and Talespin

We wanted to call this SURF VS TURF but Frank wouldn’t let us.
Ariel is the iconic “Disney Princess that wants something more” but Shere Khan is a living nightmare/Disney character most likely to be elected president.

Game 13

The Incredibles from The Incredibles


Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

Beyond their superpower, The Incredibles are a perfect realization of a surprisingly realistic family. Tinker Bell, however, was an icon that has been blessing Disney films with her magical wand since nearly the beginning.

Game 14

Merida from Brave


Nala from The Lion King

Merida is the ultimate progression of the Disney Princess line, owning her destiny like few others could, but Nala was a leader of her people, surpassing even the kings of pride.

Game 15

Anna from Frozen


Oberon from Gargoyles

Oberon, a living legend even before gracing our TV sets as part of The Disney Afternoon must battle Princess Anna, who showed us all that there are plenty of powerful ways to show “true love.”

Game 16

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas


Sadness from Inside Out

Game 16 promises to be a living nightmare for every Emo kid following our March Madness competition. Jack and his nightmare crew opened new doors for Disney and lovers of animation the world over, while Pixar’s Sadness gave us a new appreciation of what it means to have a happy ending.

Game 17

Hades from Hercules


Marlin from Finding Nemo

Marlin won a slot via our Play-In round, but immediately faces the God of Death himself. It’s Albert Brooks versus James Woods in Game 17!

Game 18

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph


Baloo from The Jungle Book and Talespin

Vanellope was a lovable loser that was secretly the ruler of her land, and Baloo is just a lovable loser. Has Papa Bear got what it takes to take the gear head out of this race?

Game 19

Donald Duck from Ducktails and Cartoon Shorts


Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Violent, angry, destructive, and one of our favorite cartoon ducks of all time! He’s fighting a pirate in a fluffy shirt.

Game 20

Winnie the Pooh from The Hundred-Acre Wood


Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio

Winnie the Pooh was among the first non-public domain properties Disney made their own, and has been fundamental part of our lives ever since – but Jiminy Cricket taught us to let our conscious be our guide.

Game 21

Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Pocahantas from Pocahontas

Belle might just be the thinking fan’s princess, who is as defined by her interests as her love interest, but Pocahontas was a brave attempt to do justice for Native People long ignored and maligned in popular media.

Game 22

Woody from Toy Story


Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

This one might be a battle between generations! Woody is a beloved character from the Toy Story generation, sure, but the kids today will be lucky enough to grow up in a time when world-savvy princesses can come in all packages.

Game 23



Snow White from Snow White

WALL-E, saved the Earth while humanity sat on our asses, but Snow White helped create the empire for Walt Disney.

Game 24

Mickey Mouse from Fantasia and Cartoon Shorts


Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier may have stolen the show in The Princess and the Frog with his evil bokor-magic and fantastic musical number, but Disney is the House the Mouse Built for a reason!

Game 25

Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins


Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Mary Poppins was a powerful symbol of nurturing and respect for many of us growing up, but Roger Rabbit (one of our Play-In characters) represents the adolescent rule-breakers many of us eventually became.

Game 26

Scrooge McDuck from Ducktails


Chernabog from Fantasia

They say “Money is the Root of all Evil,” but you know what else is pretty evil? A giant mountain spewing ghost demons.

Game 27

Simba from The Lion King


Kuzco from The Emerperor’s New Groove

It’s Boy-King versus Boy-King in Game 27 of our March Madness! Will Kuzco’s wit save him against Simba’s teeth and claws? Will Simba’s fear of power keep him away? Do lions eat llamas?

Game 28

Wreck-It Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph


Xanatos from Gargoyles

Wreck-It Ralph brought video games into the mainstream at Disney, and can really really wreck things well – but Xanatos had already anticipated Wreck-It Ralph ten moves ago, and has a devious plan that’s been set in motion.

Game 29

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch


Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove

Lilo, an alien experiment gone amuck, is loose without his favorite human to guide him! Good think Yzma has the power of transmutation at her side!

Game 30

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story


Rapunzel from Tangled

Buzz’s duty and mission are clear: stand in his way, Rapunzel, and get your pretty little locks blasted off!

Game 31

Aladdin from Aladdin


Remy the Rat from Ratatouille

Both these characters are hungry for a chance at the title. (See what we did there?)

Game 32

Lilo from Lilo and Stitch


Genie from Aladdin

A heart-breaker in our final game of Round One! Lilo, a fan favorite icon and practically everyone’s favorite representation of a rambunctious little kid versus Genie, perhaps the most magical creature to ever launch a Disney film into megahit status!