Disney Reportedly in Talks to Buy 21st Century Fox: The Internet Reacts!

Whelp, 21st Century Fox has apparently been holding talks to sell most of the company to the Walt Disney Company, according to a somewhat vague but totally believable report on CNBC.

If it goes ahead, this would create an enormous mega-company, and the future of media-reach in a landscape shaped by streaming capability is certainly at the core of all this. Fewer and fewer corporations are now responsible for all the media we consume – and while that may seem frightening to some, it was downright hilarious to the INTERNET, HOME OF AWKWARD NERD ARGUMENTS!

Is it a Nerd Dream-Come-True or a Nerd Nightmare??!

Or, you know. Something to really be thinking about…

Ugh, man, considering this current political climate, maybe that last one doesn’t sound half-bad.