Dark Shadows, Episode 9


“Episode 9.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 7 July 1966.

We open with Bill Malloy trying to reach Devlin. Undaunted, he rushes over to Collinwood and demands to speak with Elizabeth, telling her he has urgent news. They retreat to the drawing room.

Bill gives Elizabeth a thick stack of contracts to look over. While she is distracted, he tries to reach his secretary. She puts the papers aside and asks him about the urgent news. Bill fumbles and says he wants to talk about the current pricing of sardines. Elizabeth doesn’t believe him, suspecting he’s there because of Devlin. Bill confesses, but before he can get into more detail, Carolyn enters. Bill and Carolyn seem friendly and it clear she favors the older man. Carolyn says in passing that she has already met with Devlin and thinks rather highly of the man. She excuses herself, but once Bill and Elizabeth are alone, Bill urges Elizabeth to have Carolyn marry Joe Haskell and get her away from Collinswood as soon as possible.  He pleads for this plan, as he is convinced “bad things” are about to happen, and he would spare Carolyn from learning “the horrible truth”. Elizabeth dismisses his fears, confidently that whatever Devlin is planning he would never harm her or Carolyn. Bill isn’t so sure, claiming that since Devlin was in prison for so long, he has had plenty of time to plan his revenge.

Meanwhile, in Victoria’s room, Carolyn is explaining to the new hire the full history and geography of Widow’s Hill. To wit, it is an even hundred feet from the peak to the sea and three women have already jumped to their deaths from it {the aforementioned Josette and two other governesses}. Carolyn mentions an old legend, stating that the Hill’s lust for blood would only be sated with the deaths of three governesses. Switching gears, Carolyn is pleasantly surprised that Victoria hasn’t quit. Growing serious, Carolyn admits that she doesn’t care for people and has an intense hate for the old house. She also mentions Joe’s proposal and her subsequent cold feet. She is jealous of Victoria’s contact with Devlin, seeing the mysterious man as everything Joe lacks.

Downstairs, Bill confides his theories about Devlin. Despite the man’s wealth, he does not view himself as rich. That is, until he buys out the Collins family and ruins them. A knocking at the door scares Elizabeth but she marches to the front door by herself.

There is no one at the front door, but when she returns she finds a broken tea glass. She is quick to blame it on David, but admits to Bill that the incident has taken her back to reality. Bill loses his cool and pointedly explains that a very angry man is coming after not only her family, but also her money and the town’s only means of support. This is something that should be looked into with some haste.

Upstairs, Carolyn has been going on about the mysterious and no doubt wonderful Burke Devlin. Victoria mentions that the man only seemed interested in asking questions about Elizabeth and Roger. She does relate that he mentioned growing in Collinsport. Carolyn tells Victoria of Devlin’s threat to paddle her, a fact that seems to excite her more than it should. Carolyn offers to mail Victoria’s letter for her when she goes into town.

Downstairs, Bill is back on the phone. He is talking to his niece Jenny and making plans to get Carolyn out of town. Elizabeth overhears and says the plan would never work, but Bill is insistent. With Jenny’s help, he can get her out of town before Devlin tries anything, he argues.

As Victoria finishes the letter, Carolyn begs her not to put a stamp on it, as she can simply buy one in town. The only place to buy stamps in town, however, is the hotel. Victoria dramatically places a stamp on the letter, negating the reason for Carolyn’s trip.

When Carolyn comes downstairs, she runs into Bill. Bill offers to pay for a cross country trip with Jenny and her daughter, but Carolyn sees through his plan. Bill admits his reasons and Carolyn refuses the trip. She does ask the older man for a ride into town and he accepts.

Once in town, Carolyn heads directly to the hotel. She calls Devlin up and invites herself to his room.

Questions asked: What crime did Devlin do? What is his agenda? Who was knocking at the door?

Review:   Carolyn should really get out more, or at least spend time with people who aren’t a blood relative. Going after Burke Devlin is not what I would suggest, but then that would be avoided if someone would just explain to her what exactly Devlin did. We finally learn that he was in prison, but for what? Why does he blame the Collins family? How is he so rich now?