Dark Shadows, Episode 36

“36.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 15 August 1966.

Victoria has finally had enough and plans to leave Collinwood as soon as possible. David overhears as Victoria explains to Elizabeth why she is leaving, quoting David exactly. Elizabeth understands, but she explains that while she fears for everyone, she fears for David the most. Elizabeth wants Victoria to stay, although she is less than forthcoming as to why. The reason she gives is that she doesn’t view Victoria as a stranger. Victoria tries to be polite and suggests that someone else might be a better fit with David’s needs.

Elsewhere, Sam calls Roger at Collinwood but leaves a message when he fails to talk to him. Roger is at the diner and when word reaches him that Sam has been calling him, he is none too happy. He storms back to Sam and confronts him. Roger orders Sam not to paint Devlin’s portrait. Sam begins to talk about the “incident” from ten years ago and blurts out that he can’t live with the guilt over what he did to Burke Devlin.

Victoria is reconsidering her leaving, a fact that annoys David to no end. Elizabeth suggests with Victoria there at the house Carolyn would be free to escape Collinwood and Collinsport. David marches into the room and proudly repeats his threat to Victoria. Elizabeth tries to reason with him while Victoria reconsiders her reconsidering and slips out. Elizabeth hugs David and swears to protect him.

Roger enters the house in a foul mood. He and Elizabeth start to fight at once, mostly about David before they change the subject to include Collinwood and its future.

Victoria runs into Sam near the local movie theater. They chat, mostly about things being in the middle of a story.

Back at Collinwood, Elizabeth places a call to the one man who can help her-Ned Calder!

Questions asked:  Who is Ned Calder?

Review:  Seriously, who is Ned Calder? From the way everyone reacts he must be important, yet this is the first time he’s been mentioned on camera. David continues to act like a creep, yet Elizabeth insists on protecting him. Roger’s frustrations are becoming very sympathetic. Victoria’s flip-flopping is growing annoying as well. Perhaps Ned Calder can answer all these questions?