Dark Shadows, Episode 24

“24.” Dark Shadows. ABC. 28 July 1966.

Carolyn and Joe are having a date at the Inn. Maggie talks with Carolyn privately and wants to know if she is planning on seeing Devlin. Maggie is convinced her father is somehow mixed up with Devlin’s affairs, but Carolyn disagrees. Constable Carter shows and asks about Devlin’s whereabouts. Carolyn declares she is sick of the whole thing, Burke Devlin included.

Speak of the devil, Devlin strolls inside the Inn. He chats up the young couple but Joe still gives him the cold shoulder. Going to his room, Devlin faces down the constable. Carter fires the first volley and reminds Devlin that he swore to get revenge in court ten years ago. Devlin admits to being angry at Roger, yes, but says he isn’t a murderer. Carter outright accuses Devlin of trying to kill Roger, saying that he found a wrench in the garage with his fingerprints on it.

Devlin recounts his side of the story (finding the wrench and picking it up), plus he points out that if he had somehow removed the bleeder valve, he wouldn’t have stayed in town; plus, Victoria saw him in the garage with a wrench. If Roger had died, she could have easily fingered him.

Maggie pulls Carolyn away from Joe, who is going on about buying a boat with a new partner, and tells her Devlin needs to see her in his room. Carolyn goes and meets with Devlin and Carter. They both cross-examine her. Carolyn states that she visited Devlin alone and she had insisted that he take her back to Collinwood. She also put the meeting between Devlin and Roger in motion, mostly as a lark.

Carter takes everything down, and then promptly dismisses it all. Swearing that this evidence changes nothing, Carter makes it clear he will either arrest Devlin or run him out of town on one charge or another. After he leaves, Carolyn and Devlin get down to business. Carolyn lets loose on Devlin. She heard about his deal with Sam and is now convinced that he was lying to her. Devlin insists that what he told her before about leaving on business was the truth, but the plans have changed. He also swears that he didn’t take the bleeder valve. Carolyn, somewhat satisfied, leaves as Devlin gets a call. It seems ‘Bronson’ is on the phone and that Devlin’s “secret plan” is beginning to unfold.

Questions asked:  Who is Bronson? What is Devlin’s plan?

Review:  A better showing, but man Carter would give Barney Fife a run for his money. It looks like Roger is throwing his weight around, but is Devlin actually planning on getting his revenge?