Bonus Round: Demon’s Souls

Grab your sword, polish off that Black Eye Stone, and roll your way into Boletaria one last time. It is with a heavy heart to report that the online servers for Demon’s Souls are coming to an end.

Atlus recently announced that after 8 years, they are finally shutting down the servers for the popular PS3 game Demon’s Souls on February 18th, 2018. The game will still be playable in offline mode, but many of the features that helped make Demon’s Souls the hit it became will no longer be available. This includes in-game messages, player ghosts, co-op, PvP, and the global World Tendency events.

Back when it released in 2009, Demon’s Souls changed the action role-playing genre on its head with its dark fantasy setting, brutal difficulty, deep combat and unique online integration that allowed players to help, or hinder, their fellow souls. Demon’s Souls influence can be seen in its direct spiritual successor, Dark Souls, as well as other hit games including Bloodborne and Nioh.

And while Demon’s Souls plays well as a stand-alone game, it was when augmented through online play via the PlayStation Network that the highlights really came through. Throughout levels, players could see the actions of others as ghosts in the same area, sometimes revealing secrets areas and other clues. Players could leave each other spectral warnings (or traps) as they played and died through the game.

With the end in sight, fans are sharing their favorite memories and moments in Boletaria.  We invite you to share your fond, and frustrating, moments in the comments below, as we bid farewell to this well beloved classic.

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