Announcing the winner of our #DisneyPower #MarchMadness Competition!

NonPro DisneyPower

Our March Madness competition to determine the most powerful Disney character of all time has finally come to an end!

As you know, for this year’s nerd-centric March Madness, we asked you, the geeks of the world, to decide once and for all which Disney character is the most powerful of them all! And “powerful” is big word – it can mean infinite cosmic abilities, breakout star-power, legendary status, an ability to break molds and inspires us.

Our finalists? In one corner, Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil and a dark fairy with a spiteful streak a mile long! In the other corner, Genie, servant of the lamp and wielder of phenomenal cosmic power! Each has transformation abilities, magical powers, limited taboos, and each was pwned in the movie they premiered in! But most notability, each character exudes a sense of cool that cannot be beat.

Listen to our podcast recap of our final battle – and join us in celebrating true #DisneyPower!

Or if you prefer to spoil things for yourself, click here to reveal our winner…