Anime NYC Rocks the City

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere weekend of Anime NYC a new event at the Jacob Javits Center for all anime fans. The goal of the show was to bring a big anime event back to NYC, and I would say it was a success. With big sponsors like AnimePlex and CrunchyRoll filling the floor as well as a host of great booths and sellers, it was basically everything an otaku could hope it would be.

The show also featured a full artist alley up in the river pavilion, featuring great artists.

Attendees were also lucky enough to see some amazing panels, like Friday’s Anime Diva night. Saturday, the cast of Sailor Moon was on stage to talk about their time working on the English dub of the show. Select guests were even able to attend the US premier screening of the Full Metal Alchemist movie.

Over all, we were excited to see the return of anime to NYC and look forward to next year’s event, November 16th-18th, 2018.

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