Abu Rigl Maslukha or The Flayed Leg Man – NonPro’s Scary Storytime

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Abu Rigl Maslukha or The Flayed Leg Man - NonPro's Scary Storytime

The truth behind the Arabic folk story…

As any child guilty of the occasional indiscretion knows (because their mothers are so insistent on threatening them) if you misbehave one too many times, Abu Regl Masloukha, or the Flayed Leg Man, might come to take you away. What is less well known, is who, exactly, Abu Regl Masloukha is, how he came to be, and what is it he is doing with all the disrespectful and disobedient children he has snatched up over the years. So this is the story of the truth, as we have come to know it. And like all truths, this one first came to us through a story…

Abu Rigl Maslukha

read by Frank Hablawi and Iman Badawy

audio production by Frank Hablawi