A Trip on Disney’s Brand New Skyliner!

In a simple sentence, I can tell you wholeheartedly that Walt Disney World’s brand new Skyliner is a wonderful experience… as long as it’s actually running. Taking the Disney brand cable cars from either of the two parks it visits to the central hub at Disney’s Caribbean Beach, via a quick stop at the all-new Riviera Resort, is a short ride in a continuously moving line that never feels like you’re waiting at all.

After being bade a good flight, you take off, and a pleasant breeze greets you as a soothing voice gives you some interesting facts about the Skyliner and the resorts you pass. If you need to continue on to one of the other two resorts that the Skyliner goes to, either Pop Century or The Art of Animation, it’s a 5-minute hop to get you to your final destination.

All in all, the experience is about equal to the convenience of staying at one of the premium resorts hosting the monorail. As a visitor to the park mentioned to me while riding, “It sure beats getting stuck on a packed bus.” Another park-goer mentioned to me it’s a “game changer” and loved every moment in the air. The view is nice, day or night, and it feels much more passively enjoyable than any other form of transportation in the whole of Disney World.

There is however, one caveat to the whole experience; as with anything new to the Disney, it can often be marred by a few hiccups. At the time of writing, I’ve seen a twenty minute halt, and a complete shutdown of the line between Caribbean and Pop Century. Has this ruined the experience? Not at all. Disney is accustomed to this sort of thing, and one can assume that the kinks will be ironed out in no time at all. Here’s hoping your chance to fly through the Disney skies will be as amazing as it was for me.

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