25 Nights of Nineties Nostalgia: Jurassic Park Chaos Effect

In June 1998, Kenner, by then a subsidiary of Hasbro, released their third line of Jurassic Park figures, following the end of the Lost World toys. This line, called Chaos Effect, was famous for its creative, colourful, and unique repaints, ranging from silly to beautiful. This line remains controversial with collectors even today, with most fans agreeing its a line you either love or hate due to their distinct but largely unrealistic dinosaurs. To some, these toys are must-have collectibles, to others, they’re on strict no-buy lists, a constant nuisance in Ebay dinosaur lots.

A face only a rave-kid could love.
A face only a rave-kid could love.

The Chaos Effect line was especially interesting because it was the first main line not to be sold under the name of one of the movies. The toy line is based around a “Scientists Gone Wild” story-arc, where engineers designed all sorts of dangerous and brightly coloured new dinosaur mutants and even hybrids, which led to the packaging bearing a tagline reading “Genetically Mutated Dinos Gone Bad.” It was originally intended to be paired with a genuine Jurassic Park cartoon based on this concept and the bright and colourful Chaos Effect designs. Unfortunately, according to Chaos Effect designer Tim Bradley, despite the fact the series made it all the way to discussions with Steven Spielberg, Hasbro ultimately decided to cancel the project.

The series included mashup dinosaurs like “Ankyloranodon,” “Velocirapteryx,” “Paradeinonychus,” and “Tyrannonops,” and even more in the cancelled follow up series, Night Hunters. A weird line to be sure, but certainly an interesting one to flip through, if only to marvel at some of the vibrant colours and creative fresh designs it put out into the world.

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