25 Nights of Nineties Nostalgia: Dragonzord

On this Power Wednesday we get into the festive season with a plethora of green, as we go back to the Mighty Morphin series and examine the Green Ranger’s Dragonzord. A toy that was extremely rare even when it first came out.

It’s hard to convey what it was like to be a child when this particular toy reached stores – that is if they ever did reach stores. It isn’t uncommon for a store like Toys R Us to not carry the same item in every store, but for kids who loved their combining robots, it felt like you had to walk in, whisper a secret password, and perform arcane hand gestures to get them to open up the hidden Dragonzord-vault.

One Zord to Rule Them All.
One Zord to Rule Them All.

For a great many children, this was their first taste of what looking for a grail would be like. A popular item with limited release is something we understand as an adult, but a kid doesn’t always comprehend why THE TOY STORE did not have a toy. Begging parents to call stores and to ask them to check their stock over and over again wasn’t new, but it never felt so futile or commonplace as it was with this toy. In the end, many childhoods would go without this toy that ushered in the first Zord of its kind. The sixth ranger Zords would eventually be a staple, combining with the main cast, but this was new at the time; nobody expected to see a whole new robot to go with the ones they already had. Novelty aside, the question you are likely asking is if it was all worth it?

Yes. This cannot be stressed enough. It was more than worth it. This guy looked like a stylized gold-plated Godzilla that could combine with dinosaurs – of course it was worth all the blood, sweat and tears! It had electronics too, so that you could get the classic roaring noises from the show as it stomped around the bedroom. Well, in reality it just beeped and stood there, but it’s dynamic sticker-work made you believe it could do those things. It had two other modes where it combined with four out of the five regular Zords to become an alternate giant robot and also could become power armor for the combined Megazord, giving it a regal look of professional kick-ass in a robot pimp-suit.

Truly this was a toy worthy of any childhood, and for some the hunt continue for their own… DRAGONZORD POWER GO!!

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