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Hot Dog Crawl

NonPro Eats: The Hot Dog Crawl Podcast!

Hey folks, it’s that time of year again when everyone’s mind is on preparing massive amounts of food – I am of course taking about post-election season comfort binging –…


NonPro’s Indie Spotlight on Seregon O’Dasey’s “Absynthia”

As part of our spotlight on independent creators looking for your support this holiday season, we interview Seregon O’Dassey about her new project, Absynthia. If you are interested in steampunk…


Our Terrible Adaptation of the Jeff the Killer Creepy Pasta

Listen, we don’t recommend listening to this – but if you’ve run out of reasons for getting out of bed this Halloween, you could see how long you can stomach…

Death Howls by Moonrise

Lazy Foley Theater – Death Howls by Moonrise (1951)

Inexplicably restored from the NonPro Clip-Keeper’s Vault, the Lazy Foley Players present to you, this uncut, unedited, unproduced piece of unprofessional pulp. A creepy little tale called “Death Howls by…