Secrets of the Universe

They are playing “The Planet of the Apes” on the History Channel. Think about it.

Rocky V: Adrian’s Revenge!

Jodi Letizia is the actress that played Marie in the first Rocky movie and the fifth Rocky movie.  Yes, that’s right – fifth.  Apparently, she was brought back for scenes…

Hairspray the Movie

John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer are scheduled to star in the feature film version of Hairspray together. Can I officially re-designate this film Grease 3? I think I can.

NonProductive TV!

So, it’s finally happened… NonProductive now have its very own TV Station! Just click this link and a window will open up showing our very own group on YouTube™. Feel…

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Vivienne and Frank gush over this week’s “Sleepy Hollow”