Join for #MVPride, our Pride Month celebration and competition to find our favorite LGBTQ+ character of all time!

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally and you’d like to help us celebrate these awesome characters by writing an article, illustrating a piece, or otherwise cheering on your favorite character, please consider working with us today!

Our Finalists!

Garnet from Steven Universe

A half human half alien child, Steven is raised on earth by his late mother's ex-soldiers from the war to protect the earth from destruction. Garnet is one of those guardians, a fusion of two smaller aliens who met while working for their heavily oppressive military government and fell in love, fleeing into the rebellion to stay together, fused as one, forever. Garnet is a lesbian made of two smaller lesbians and we love her for it.

Deadpool from Marvel Comics

Deadpool is an insane character known for breaking the fourth wall, and as a self-described pansexual he epitomizes the desire to shed traditional labels and just embrace what feels right.

Those are our two wonderful finalists. Now let's make them kill each other!

May the MVP Win!

Deadpool from Marvel Comics


Garnet from Steven Universe

Deadpool from Marvel ComicsGarnet from Steven Universe

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