NonPro Presents

Best of Three – Dreamation 2014 February 20, 2014 - The guys from NonPro’s “Best of Three” visit Dreamation 2014, an awesome gaming convention in Morristown, NJ, to talk to board game companies such as [...]
Line Cutters Video Game Awards February 12, 2014 - After talking about the games they are looking forward to in 2014, the Line Cutters gather to talk about a year that meant so much [...]
A Very NonPro Murder Mystery Christmas December 25, 2013 - ‘Tis the Season for celebrations, warm gatherings, and perfunctory get-togethers with colleagues you don’t like spending time with even when it isn’t the holidays – [...]
KristaCon: An Introduction to LongCons — Game Design Panel – Metatopia 2013 November 8, 2013 - Metatopia, a game design convention in northern New Jersey, was held Thursday, October 31 thru Sunday, November 3, 2013. Amongst panels lead by and presented to game development professionals, the following talk is an audio recording of panel D023: An Introduction to LongCons.
Confessions of a Cosplay Diva September 1, 2013 - CONFESSIONS OF A COSPLAY DIVA On this special inaugural episode, Cara Nicole (aka AZ Powergirl) discusses the chaos of Comic Con 2013 and cosplay wardrobe [...] presents Kevin Maher of “Kevin Geeks Out” June 13, 2013 - Writer-comedian Kevin Maher hosts Kevin Geeks Out a multimedia comedy-variety show of vintage film clips, guest experts, and fabulous curiosities – with each show dedicated [...]
Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom – Cast Interview Extravaganza! May 1, 2013 - Join as we sit and talk with the incredible cast and crew of Inspector Plustard and the Fallen Groom!
The 2013 Loud Idiot Movie Awards! March 26, 2013 - Celebrate the social event of the year with the 2013 Loud Idiot Movies Awards Show! The biggest extravaganza ever hosted at the studios, featuring [...]
Ever After and the Macabre January 22, 2013 - It’s freezing outside but it’s hot inside the studio as we welcome author Kim Harrison, celebrating the launch of her 11th book in The [...]
The 2012 Line Cutters Christmas-Call-A-Thon! December 25, 2012 - The Line Cutters Christmas-Call-A-Thon is back – and this time, for a real cause! First they covered the Christmas Carol, then they disproved It’s a [...]