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SNL Nerds – Episode 261 – Tower Heist (2011) November 27, 2023 - John and Darin needed a Thanksgiving movie for this week. John and Darin ALSO needed a movie starring SNL alums for this week. Luckily, 2011’s [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 260 – Jason Momoa & Tate McRae November 20, 2023 - Darin and John watch as Aquaman star Jason Momoa returns to 8H to host for the second time with musical guest Tate McRae! In the [...]
The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 114 November 13, 2023 - “The Uhh, Comp, Uhh, Dip, Uhh… APPPLICANT! Extravaganza Episode” Yes, they are back; Ron Albanese and Michael Bruce sit in again with us and the [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 259 – Timothée Chalamet & boygenius November 13, 2023 - Timothée Chalemet returns for his second go round as an SNL host with boygenius as the musical guest, and John and Darin review the ups, [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – Halloween Special – Dread (Session 2) — DNI – Episode 127 November 7, 2023 - Yes, we are aware it is November. Our Halloween game of Dread, a horror tabletop roleplaying game by Epidiah Ravachol and Nathaniel Barmore. Camp Blackmoon [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 258 – Fools Rush In (1997) a Matthew Perry Tribute November 6, 2023 - In honor of the late great Matthew Perry, Darin and John are watching Perry’s personal favorite of his movies, 1997’s Fools Rush In, also starring [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – Halloween Special – Dread — DNI – Episode 126 October 31, 2023 - Boo! Our Halloween game Dread, a horror tabletop roleplaying game by Epidiah Ravachol and Nathaniel Barmore. Camp Blackmoon setting for Dread by Roleplay All Day. [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 257 – Nate Bargatze and Foo Fighters October 30, 2023 - It’s SNL’s Halloween show and stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze is hosting for the first time with musical guest the Foo Fighters! John and Darin cover [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 256 – Bad Bunny October 23, 2023 - Season 49 rolls on as Darin and John ask the question: What do you do if your host doesn’t speak English as a first language? [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 255 – Pete Davidson and Ice Spice October 16, 2023 - SNL IS BACK, BABY!!! John and Darin get back to the nominal subject of their podcast and review a brand new episode of SNL, the [...]