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SNL Nerds – Episode 266 – Office Christmas Party (2016) January 1, 2024 - Happy 2024! It’s the New Year, but Darin and John are still in Christmas mode as they watch 2016’s Office Christmas Party, starring Jason Bateman, [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 265 – Batman Returns (1992) December 25, 2023 - What’s THIS??? A campy Christmas movie starring the Caped Crusader??? That’s right! Our Dynamic Duo are watching 1992’s Batman Returns, starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, [...]
SNL Nerds – Patreon Exclusive Bonus Episode – Andre Braugher Tribute December 20, 2023 - In memory of the late great Andre Braugher, John and Darin are watching the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode “The Box” – a story that harkens back [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – Pasión de las Pasiones – Session 7 — DNI – Episode 130 December 19, 2023 - The Penultimate Episode of the Ultimate Soap Opera! Another sick day episode of our soap opera #ActualPlay set in a convention hall – UNCONVENTIONAL ROMANCE! [...]
The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 115 December 19, 2023 - “Did I Forget to Mention The Crazy House?” We are back and we talked about many many things; the convention in April, Louie’s vacation in [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 264 – Kate McKinnon and Billie Eilish December 18, 2023 - Kate McKinnon in the HIZZOUSE!!! KM returns to 8H for her first time hosting, with Billie Eilish as the musical guest. Darin and John have [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – Katanas & Trenchcoats – Session 21 — DNI – Episode 129 December 13, 2023 - The gang pressures an octogenarian historical society member to keep his mouth shut. #ActualPlay #90s #Tabletop #TTRPG For a brief show synopsis and crew bios, [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 263 – Adam Driver and Olivia Rodrigo December 11, 2023 - BEEP BEEP! Old friends John and Darin watch as Adam Driver marks off #4 on his SNL hosting tally and Olivia Rodrigo returns as the [...]
SNL Nerds – Now Free Bonus Episode – Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain December 7, 2023 - What happens when a sketch comedy team known for two-minute shorts makes a full-length feature? Darin and John find out when they watch Please Don’t [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – X-Mas Special – Dread Finale (Session 3) — DNI – Episode 128 December 5, 2023 - Round out the holidays by enjoying this final part of our Dread “one shot” in Camp Blackmoon! Our Halloween game of Dread, a horror tabletop [...]