Late to the Party!

All your favorite shows are back for an all new season in a special mega-event we’re calling Late to the Party!

Throughout Late to the Party, we’ll be reviewing things that are “too recent to be retro, too old to be relevant” – but are nonetheless still aching to be geeked out over. Not done talking about the first season of Game of Thrones? Cool. Just now getting around to reading Civil War? Us too. Still have unresolved feelings about Firefly? So do all of us!

The evolution of modern media has made it easier than ever to catch-up with a fandom all in one binge sitting – in fact, some of our favorite shows, comics, and games are meant to be enjoyed in just that way – so join NonPro in our “Make-up Marathon” all season long on! – Battlestar Galactica Special May 13, 2015 - 10 years ago, Battlestar Galactica made scifi and television history! Join us as we rewatch and review one of this most influential series to ever [...]
Near Mint Radio – Marvel’s Civil War — Re-Read Wrap-Up September 24, 2013 - Our last look at Marvel Comics’ Civil War includes a final retrospective of the importance of character voice, pacing, and the wonderful tie-ins you may [...]
The Loud Idiots – WWF Wrestling Trivia Show! June 25, 2013 - The Idiots play an 90s era wrestling trivia board game live on air!
Alter Negro Show – Lucille Bluth vs Mallory Archer June 17, 2013 - In this episode of the ANS we give an excellent review of an extremely mediocre movie, “Man of Steel.” We also examine a burning issue, [...]
Near Mint Radio – Marvel’s Civil War and Real World Tragedies June 11, 2013 - Civil War in national tragedy, comic news, Warren Luthor Ellis, and more! One of our best episodes ever!
Line Cutters – Don Corcoran and Battlestar Galactica! June 5, 2013 - The gang sits down with special guest Don Corcoran and talk about his new novel, writing, and the American Civil War! He also joins us [...]
Line Cutters – Anime Boston 2013 and Spring TV Finales May 29, 2013 - The gang talks about Anime Boston 2013, Spring TV finales, and continues their Watch-A-Long of Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica!
Near Mint Radio – Late to the Party wrap of Planet Hulk and Civil War! May 28, 2013 - We finish our Late to the Party review of “Planet Hulk” begin our review of “Marvel Comics: Civil War” and go into some comic TV [...]
Line Cutters – Xbone and Battlestar Galactica May 22, 2013 - The gang talks about the new Star Wars animated series, continues their watch-a-long of Battlestar Galactica, and gives their impressions of the Xbox 720 Xbone [...]
The Loud Idiots – Game of Thrones and Fantasy TV Shows May 21, 2013 - Whom better than a group of Idiots to discuss the evolution of Fantasy TV Shows through the years – and a “Late to the Party” [...]