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Join Non-Productive.com for various projects, including our Women’s History Month projects like March Madness!

Now, more than ever, everyone at NonPro sees the importance of commemorating the awesome female characters in the stories we love. We the Geeks feel that it is imperative to find and elevate these role-models, these bad-asses, these complex figures – wherever they may be. Strong female characters make for better stories, and better stories help us make sense of the sometimes scary world we find ourselves in.

We’re on the lookout for writers and commentators that can share their feelings about why these characters are so damn awesome.

If you’re interested in helping out, email [email protected] today!

Topics can include:

  • Why do you love a character?
  • A defense of a character you find totally underrated
  • How a character helped you in your own life
  • and anything else you feel passionate about

Submission Guidelines:
By submitted your work to us, you declare that you have original rights to said work, and that you are granting us the right to publish and share your work while retaining ownership rights yourself.

We reserve the right to edit your work (generally for spelling, grammar, or clarity issues) but will get your approval before publishing those edits. A 500 word limit is a good scale to use.

In order to raise support for projects like this, we are putting 50% of the moneys raised via new Patreon sponsors into a fund we will use to compensate authors and creators! We hope membership drives like this will give us the ability to create content and recruit a wider array of voices for our audience to hear!