Visit the New Isle of Spears Courtesy of “The Atlas of True Names”

The Atlas of True Names - Sample US

Ever wish your world had a little more magic in it?  Well it already does, you just don’t realize it!  The Atlas of True Names labels cities and other cartographical features according to the original meanings of their familiar names.  The results are surprisingly reminiscent of Tolkein’s place names for Middle-Earth.  New York becomes “New Yew-Tree Village”.  Massachusetts becomes “Land at the Little Big Hills.” Got a boring business trip to Jersey City?  No, you’re headed for a war council at Spear Island City.  Maps are available folded, flat, or laminated for a wide variety of different areas around the world.  It’s the perfect gift for any of the history buffs, fantasy fans, or geography nerds on your list!

The Atlas of True Names

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