I Wish Star Saber Was My Dad: Transformers Prototypes at Toy Fair 2018!

At last year’s Toy Fair, Flame Toys debuted the prototype for their very first licensed Transformer action figure; an incredibly detailed, highly articulated IDW Drift. Coming with a myriad of tiny LEDs and extra hands, he was a work of die cast-art and a collector’s wet dream. His final version was shown off at TFcon in 2017, to a devoted congregation of excited Transformers fans who were enamored with his ludicrous amount of on-model detail. This year, Flame Toys have stepped up their game with not one, but two more figures at the (kind of hilarious, honestly) 1:144 scale. These figures are the IDW version of Tarn, the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division, and Star Saber, the leader of the Autobots in Victory (who is also a dedicated father to a small human child for some reason?). These figures have highly detailed features, incredible page-accurate designs, individually wired LEDs, and is highly articulated.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited about the choices. I personally adore Star Saber, it’s his first licensed American figure and love his silly antennas. I hope he comes with a tiny plastic Jean that can sit on his should, just like in all the Victory commercial endcaps (And I wish he was my dad)!

These are the prototypes, but the final versions will be plastic and die cast, with LEDs and clear plastic in places, as well as several accessories. Check them out below!

They also showed off their $299.99 Drift figure, on sale now:

Flame Toys wasn’t satisfied with that, though, and launched another line of smaller scale Transformers model kits. The aesthetic for these is so new and chunky, with a bit of IDW, a bit of Prime, a bit of G1, and a lot of love and fun. Optimus and Starscream were shown at Toy Fair, but in the product guide provided by sales representatives, product shots of two more prototypes, for Bumblebee and Hound, were shown. That’s four new Transformers model kits heading to market! How exciting!

Moving on from Flame Toys, Super7 has debuted a TON of awesome new prototypes! Twelve super-deformed figure keychains, Twelve 1.75 inch blind bag figures, two MASSIVE Optimus and Megatron figures, and two super cute buckets for Trick-or-Treating, G1 style!

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