The White Elephant Burlesque Society Performs on NonPro

White ElephantsHello out there in NonPro Land!

I am pleased to say that some of the wonderful performers of the White Elephant Burlesque Society came down to perform for NonProductive this past Thursday. The show was great, and we have one hell of a podcast waiting for you – complete with video links on NonPro’s very own YouTube page.

The White Elephant Burlesque SocietyWe didn’t get to see the entire troop perform (hey, it’s only a two hour show!) but Viktor Devonne and Fae were kind enough to introduce performances by Anyanka who danced to “Gravity” by The Dresden Dolls, a very insightful Tarot reading by Madame Jinx, and an amazing Human Blockhead/Mental Flossing routine from Wilhelm Ventrillo.

Special thanks to James from Check for Ticks and The Loud Idiots for hanging out!

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