The third time’s the charm… a history lesson in persistance

It’s a well-known fact that many of the great things we enjoy in this world came into being by accident.  Penicillin, for one – tasty, and fun for the whole family – was an accident.

Other things come into our collective culture through much trial and error.  Rome for example – was actually NOT built in a single day!

Flash back 20 years and you would have seen pretty much every American male (yours truly included) under 30 sporting a backwards baseball cap.  What most people don’t know is that the concept went through much prototyping before it reached the cultural icon status it eventually achieved.

First conceived by a somewhat bohemian Parisian in 1984, the backwards beret went largely unnoticed.

This was soon followed in 1986 by the backwards motorcycle helmet, invented by southern Harley enthusiast Billy-Ray McDougall (1964-1986)

Only in 1989 did the idea achieve it’s fully-evolved look finally appear.  Adored by all, it is rumored that there are isolated pockets of the populace where the look lives on to this day.

Next week’s history lesson: Which came first? The chicken, or the bucket?