The Rise of Skywalker Preview Show! โ€“ Iman and Frank Make a Podcast

Iman and Frank are about to go see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker nearly four years to the day Iman saw her first Star Wars film! Does she remember anything about Star Wars? That’s a complicated question we try to answer!

A note on spoilers: This was recorded before seeing The Rise of Skywalker but we do talk about the other Star Wars movies in this. If you can decipher our rambling, you might get spoiled for those?

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This episode was originally recorded December 19th 2019

Iman and Frank are married, and have been for some time now – and for about as long as they’ve been married Frank has been secretly producing a podcast with Iman that was never really fit for air.

It still isn’t, but we’re releasing it anyway.