The NonPro NYCC Scavenger Hunt is Back!

NonPro Scavenger Hunt

Hunt For Your Favorite!

Every year hordes of nerds descend on New York Comic Con to document the best comics, costumes, and breaking news the show has to offer – and every year NonPro outsources the job of cataloging our coverage to you, our hapless fans!

Check out some of our favorite stupid things we’ll be on the lookout for at NYCC! (images link through to sources)

1. The Cross-Over Costumer

Lobo the Duck

We’d pay all the money in the world for an actual Lobo the Duck costume.

2. Star Wars/Star Trek Mashup

Live Long and Shoot First

“I love you.”

3. Way Too Into Character


Get it?? She’s INTO character! Ha. Ha. Hum.

4. Off-Genre Steampunk

Steampunk Jesus

You know what… it sort of works.

5. Inexplicable Lolitas

BABYMETAL - likely kicks 100% more ass than you

Actually, this is BABYMETAL, and they are always appropriate.

6. Obvious Chaperone

Obvious Chaperones at Comic Con

That mildly disgusted look.

7. Cumbersome Cosplay

Warhammer 40K Cosplay

Perfect for the con floor!

The worst part is waiting for him to make deliveries.

8. Someone in a Kilt

Stormtropper in a Kilt

Aside: Isn’t weird that kilts are the one piece of cultural dress everyone seems ok with appropriating? No? That isn’t weird? Never mind, then.

9. Sexy Cosplay of Something That Should Not Be Sexy

The picture of the stormtropper in a kilt again.

No. Seriously. Let’s see the sexy-weird cosplay!


Fine. (Very fine!)

10. Male Slave Leia

Male Slave Leia


11. Female Non-Slave Leia

Leia Disapproves!


12. Bonus: Male Non-Slave Leia

Chris Pratt as Leia

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Chris Pratt as Leia. Boom.

13. Someone Selling Hugs

Damn, he’s even selling T-shirts regarding hug prices.

14. Confusing Political Statement

Vote Evil


15. Elaborate Display for a Game that Came out More Than a Year Ago


Haha! Twice!

16. Awkward Attempt by a Company to Make a Product Seem Comic-Related
Like why were you even at comic con?

Question everything.

17. Weapon You Can’t Use Without Hurting Yourself

Brings a whole new meaning to “a danger to himself and others”

18. A Classic Rebooted

(Something From More Than 50 Years Ago That is Coming Back for the First Time)
Tim Burton's Poppins

We’ll stick with Saving Mr. Banks, thanks!

19. A Rebooted Reboot

(Something From Less Than 5 Years Ago that’s Being Rebooted)

Sony might be re-rebooting Spider-Man in 2018 – This time they are going for a retro-look.

Submit Your Own Entries!

If you’ve captured any of these amazing moments at NYCC, email the evidence to:

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And be entered to win a gift bag o’swag from NYCC. Only your own original images count, so don’t be lazy like us.