The #MarchMadness Pre-Season Has Begun!

Sidekicks That Matter

Below are all the love interests, mentors, team mates, and supporting characters that make some of our favorite stories great! Please help us “seed” our March Madness competition by selecting as many of the submissions below as you’d like. Using complicated sciencetastic formulas, we will use responses from this form to determine which characters will be pitted against each other in the first round. Just select as many as you like, and trust in our enormous unbiased brains to do the rest!

Here’s our criteria:

1. Be a supporting character in a story.

2. Bring something amazing to the table, both in the fiction and in our real world.

Kato from The Green Hornet
Dick Grayson aka Robin from Batman
Donna Noble from Doctor Who
Kate Bishop from Hawkeye
Arthur from The Tick
Harley Quinn from Batman
Jubilee from X-Men
Penny from Inspector Gadget
Chewbacca from Star Wars
Dr. John Watson from Sherlock Holmes
Hit Girl from Kick ass
Alfred Pennyworth from Batman
Amy Pond from Doctor Who
Bullock from Gotham
Captain Jack from Doctor Who
Christine McIntyre from The Three Stooges
Dobby from The Harry Potter Series
Ellie from The Last of Us
Fezzik from The Princess Bride
Flash Thompson from Spider-Man
Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess
Gandalf from The Hobbit
Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy
Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight
Hermione Granger from The Harry Potter Series
Jimmy Olsen from Superman
Lois Lane from Superman
Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars
Phil Coulson from MCU
Short Round from Indiana Jones
Speedy from Green arrow
War Machine from Iron Man
Willow from Buffy
Bronn from Game of Thrones
Bucky Barnes from Captain America
Goslin Malard from Darkwing Duck
Luigi from Nintendo Games
Barf from Space Balls
Rick Jones from The Hulk
Batou from Ghost in the Shell
Carol Cleveland from Monty Python
Dr. King Schultz from Django Unchained
Erkel from Family Matters
Felcity Smoak from arrow
Fonzie from Happy Days
Garth Algar from Wayne’s World
Jane from Firefly
John Coffey from The Green Mile
Kitty Pride from X-Men
Margaret Dumont from The Marx Brothers
Mickey from Rocky
Mona Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinny
Newt from aliens
Oda Mae Brown from Ghost
Paulie from Rocky
Rita Vrataski from all You Need Is Kill
River Song from Doctor Who
Rose Tyler from Doctor Who
Steve Trevor from Wonder Woman
Tonto from The Lone Ranger
Wedge Antilles from Star Wars
Wembley from Fraggle Rock
Bishop from aliens
Bela Lugosi from Ed Wood
Agent 355 from Y the Last Man
Asami from Legend of Korra
Gonzo from The Muppets
Guinan from Star Trek
Helen Keller from The Miracle Worker
Mattie Ross from True Grit
Peggy Carter from Captain america
Samwell Tarley from Game of Thrones
Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings
Sancho Panza from Don Quixote
Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler from Batman
Vasquez from Aliens
Armor from X-Men
Jerry Gergich from Parks and Rec
Jerry Lundegaard from Fargo
Kenzi from Lost Girl
Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack from airplane!
Sofia Johnson from The Color Purple
Ahchoo from Men in Tights
Hicks from aliens
Leonardo Da Vinci from aassasins Creed 2
Pinky from Pinky and the Brain
Rizzo from The Muppets
Wesley Crusher from Star Trek
Blain from Predator
Bloodriders from Game of Thrones
Hobson from arthur
Hudson from aliens
Jacob from Twilight
John Diggle from arrow
Paul Heyman from WWE
Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog