SNL Nerds – Episode 183 – Lizzo

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 183 - Lizzo

Lizzo returns to Studio 8H as the host and musical guest! How’d she do, you wonder? We’re glad you asked, because Darin and John are here to tell you. ‘Cause that’s the subject of the podcast and everything. SNL in general, we mean, not Lizzo’s hosting in particular. We’re just saying that would be rather limited subject matter, since we’re four seasons into the podcast and she just hosted for the first time this past weekend. Anyway. We’re sorry we brought this up. TikTok! The Six Flags Guy! Twerking flautists! And a sketch about the Black Eyed Peas for some reason! The SNL Nerds! It’s one big undulating mass of skin and hair and fluids!