SNL Nerds – Episode 166 – Paul Rudd and Charli XCX

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 166 - Paul Rudd and Charli XCX

It’s the Christmas show! Paul Rudd gets his 5 Timers Club jacket! Charli XCX returns as a musical guest! THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SNL EVER!!! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!?

…What? Oh, crap. That sounds bad. Yeah, we probably should cancel the show, then. What’s that? NBC still wants us to broadcast new content for 90 minutes? Well, umm… We’ve got three new pretapes. That’s about 16 minutes. Would that do? Huh. Okay. Well, Kenan and Che are still here, and Tom Hanks and Tina Fey are coming by. We could do something with them, I guess. That’s another 10 minutes or so. What about the rest of it? Ummm… Clip show? Yeah, let’s just do an hour’s worth of clips. But… CHRISTMAS clips! And one old sketch with Paul Rudd, because he’s still nominally the host. CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION FULFILLED!!

This is a weird one, but John & Darin are still here to walk us through it all. ‘Cause dammit, that’s what the SNL Nerds do. Enjoy, folks!