SNL Nerds – Episode 153 – Dirty Work (1998) and Norm Macdonald tribute with special guests Frank Hablawi and Ken Krantz

Darin and John are joined by returning guest Ken Krantz and the Head Honcho of Non-Productive, Frank Hablawi, to talk about the passing and the legacy of the late, great Norm Macdonald. They discuss their favorite Norm bits, sketches and the impact he had on Weekend Update. Then they get all into Norm’s 1998 box office bomb turned cult classic, Dirty Work! Norm! Jersey’s own, Artie Lange! Chevy Chase! Chris Farley! Dead prostitutes in car trunks! Dirty Deeds! DONE! DIRT! CHEAP! It’s all here on an all new SNL Nerds! Just like Norm would’ve wanted. RIP Turd Ferguson.