SNL Nerds – Episode 126 – Nick Jonas

SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds
SNL Nerds - Episode 126 - Nick Jonas

Hey, how about if SNL’s host pulled double duty as the musical guest? Would you like that? We haven’t done that since, what, Halsey? I don’t feel like Googling it, so let’s just say it was Halsey. So how about if this host/musical guest was the guy from The Voice and MMMBop? NOW how much would you pay? What’s that? You wouldn’t pay anything because the show is free on network TV and on YouTube? Yeah, that’s a good call. You’re sharp.

Anyway, John and Darin are watching another episode of SNL & saying what they thought of it. You know the deal. Singing! Murder Shows! The Guy from Soul! Bachelor Party Boners! The return of Dionne Warwick! All this and more on an All-New SNL Nerds!