Side Adventures – Episode 02 – Legend of the Peppermint Dragon

So are the Kobolds the bad guys or are we the bad guy? What of Fabian the squirrel?? And what horrors lurk beneath the surface of the earth?! We answer, like, half-those questions.

Our first Dungeons & Dragons adventure is a two parter – get the first part here!

Side Adventures in a brand new actual play D&D podcast from where a gang of players with varying levels of experience in the hobby make their way through a fantasy world in a fun, funny, and approachable way. Basically every episode is a jumping on point, and you don’t need to dedicate months of listening time to follow-along and have fun. It’s an improvisational actual play D&D podcast for people with commitment issues.

Pete as Tox
Michelle as Elle
Al as Barry
and Frank as your Dungeon Master and Guide