Round Two: Aftermath

How did your favorite show handle Round Two of NonPro’s legendary Cult TV March Madness competition?  Well…

A-Team vs. The Incredible Hulk

Winner: The Incredible Hulk


The big green behemoth just barely made it past Mr. T and his wrecking crew.  In fact, we even had some “voter” irregularities that may have allowed some of our audience to Vote Green more than once.  Still, this is a challenge involving cult fandom, so we say it was fair game.  Anyways, at least the Hulk never got floored thanks to drugged milk.

Buffy vs. Star Trek

Tie Breaker Goes To: Buffy


Despite intense voting up to the very last minute, Buffy beat Star Trek by as few as three votes.  This, my friends, is incredible news.  Let’s analyze: Star Trek basically put the idea of fandom on the map.  When most normals think of nerds, geeks, dweebs, and the obsessive-compulsive; they are picturing Star Trek fans (or him).  But Buffy changed all that.  Now, fans aren’t just obsessed nerds sitting in their basements pouring over amassed data about their favorite characters while writing elaborate fanfic further detailing their exploits – now they’re doing that while singing along with the musical episode.  What a world!

Knight Rider vs. Magnum PI

Winner: Knight Rider


This came closer than I had expected, but thankfully, the better show one.  We all love Magnum PI, don’t get me wrong, but KITT could beat the hell out of that Lamborghini any day of the week.  Hell, KARR could beat the hell out of that little red gas guzzler.  In this case, the better ride won.

Quantum Leap vs. V

Winner: Quantum Leap


I distinctly remember what I distinctly remember from the V miniseries of my youth:

  1. Someone I knew had a V: lunchbox that contained spoilers.
  2. People ate white mice whole.
  3. The Beast Master was in it.

Quantum Leap, on the otherhand, opened up scifi to a whole host of normals out there that otherwise would have never given a show about time travel a chance.

X-Files vs. Firefly

Winner: Firefly


Generation X just got flipped off by Generation Y.

Sliders vs. Angel

Winner: Sliders


Ok, I have three ideas on how this came to pass.  First, people may have forgotten all about the later, dumber seasons of Sliders, or just plain decided to focus on the classic first season.  Second, people may be playing the Whedon card and are simply choosing to focus on Buffy over Angel as the leader in that conference.  But, I also suspect a third, darker option: members of the Dr. Who camp are rigging the results to better their odds!

Doctor Who vs. Miami Vice

Winner: Doctor Who


Doctor Who was a powerhouse coming into this challenge, and as much of a phenomenon as Miami Vice was in the 80s, who the hell is still wearing pastel colored shirts??  Super long scarves and bow-ties, however, are still cool…

Dukes of Hazzard vs. Airwolf

Winner: Dukes of Hazzard


Did you picture the General Lee soaring through the air to attack the Airwolf??!  That’s your answer.


Thought this was asinine? Look out for Round 3!

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