Round Three: Aftermath

How did your favorite show handle Round Three of NonPro’s legendary Cult TV March Madness competition?  Well…

Doctor Who vs. Dukes of Hazzard

Winner: Doctor Who


This was likely the clash of the thematic titans here: The Duke Boys had mass appeal working for them, their show was a huge hit in the 80s across a wide spectrum of fans, but ultimately, this is a test of Cult Fandom, and you will be hard pressed to find anyone as completely obsessed by their passion as a Who-fan… er… the show, not the band.

Firefly vs. Sliders

Winner: Firefly


Firefly‘s endless appeal is a testament to the old adage that it’s better to leave them wanting more. Sliders had season after season of sub-par episodes until now the highs of the series are tainted by its lows.  Including the parallel universe where magic exists and all the movie-rip-off worlds.

Knight Rider vs. Quantum Leap

Winner: Quantum Leap


This could have something to do with Quantum Leap having had episodes that actually made you cry, the amazing quality of its finale, or the fact that Scott wasn’t posing naked with a puppy. You be the judge, judgey!

The Incredible Hulk vs. Buffy

Winner: The Incredible Hulk


Ho-ly crap.

So, keeping up with the long history Buffy has had of just barely squeaking by right up to the last minute, The Hulk and Buffy were neck-and-neck by the time voting was meant to be wrapped up.  So, we put it to a vote with a very basic poll, and we found that… the two shows were still tied!

But we didn’t give up there.  We tweeted for more votes.  We actually invited people to come and vote on our facebook page.  We solicited bums to fight.  Admittedly, I’m not sure how that last one was meant to help.

And still, the fencing went on.  Hulk was in the lead for a time, then Buffy, then Hulk again.  Soon, however, Buffy felt the fatigue all opponents of the big green juggernaut must face, and she succumbed.

By. One. Vote.

Yes.  Buffy lost to the Hulk by one vote.  Was this calculated reprisal by Star Trek fans upset after Round 2?  Was this odds fixing by Vegas bookies??  Clearly yes to both those questions, but shocking none-the-less!


Thought this was asinine? Look out for Round 4!

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