Reviewing Round 4 of Classic Sitcom March Madness!

To the Moon, Alice!

Round Four of our Classic Sitcom March Madness has come and gone, and now, there are only four shows left!

As you know, this year as part of our March Madness celebration, we pitted 64 classic sitcom, seeded by decade, against one another – we lost some true classics in our fourth round. Let’s review:

The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air (1990) vs. Alf (1984)
Winner: The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air
Reason: It was a close one, Alf fans, but the Fresh Prince has been dominate since the first round of this competition. Once again, we can’t help but imagine that MiB agents were the ones that captured Alf in his series’ finale. Also, we’ve been hot-boxing a lot lately.

The Golden Girls (1985) vs. The Addams Family (1964)
Winner: The Addams Family
Reason: As of the cold embrace of the tomb weren’t after the Golden Girls fast enough, the ghouls of The Addams Family have claimed another victim! Picture it, Sicily 1934!

Seinfeld (1989) vs. Married with Children (1987)
Winner: Married with Children
Reason: Wow! We never thought we’d see the legendary Seinfeld handed it’s walking papers, but the little show panned by critics managed to knock Jerry and his crew down.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete (1993) vs. Perfect Strangers (1986)
Winner: Perfect Strangers
Reason: A sad day for Petes… but they couldn’t have been taken out by a better show! The Adventures of Pete and Pete did exceptionally well for the absurd little quasi-sitcom that it was, but everyone’s favorite City-Mouse/Country-Mouse prevailed!

So, how did your favorite shows fare? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for Round 5!

[image source| Visiones sobre series de diferentes artistas pop]