[RE-AIR] Anime Lunch – Episode 5 – Project A-ko (1986)

Anime Lunch
Anime Lunch
[RE-AIR] Anime Lunch - Episode 5 - Project A-ko (1986)

Welcome to Anime Lunch, an exploration and celebration of 20th century Japanese animation!

Even if you’ve never seen this legendary 1986 sci-fi action comedy, you’ve likely seen some reference to it. “Project A-ko is the story of happy-go-lucky 16-year-old red-haired sailor-suited teenage schoolgirl, A-ko Magami, who goes on a magical adventure from high school to outer space as she struggles to finish her homework, rescue her friend C-ko, and save the Earth from an evil alien invasion.”

Mayhem, hijinks, misunderstandings, and good old fashioned corny fun.

Join us on Anime Lunch this week, as we present 1986’s Project A-ko

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