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SNL Nerds – Episode 182 – Jake Gyllenhaal and Camila Cabello April 11, 2022 - Jake Gyllenhaal returns to SNL after 15 years, and Camila Cabello returns after a much less impressive sounding three years! John and Darin cover all [...]
The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 94 April 7, 2022 - “I Don’t Know, it’s Kinda Subtle” Coming off the heels of The Brian Carney interview we get right back in the drivers seat! A new [...]
*Dungeon Not Included – DNI – Episode 93 – Runners in the Shadows – Part 18 April 5, 2022 - Wrapping up the Squatch! (sorry for the technical difficulties, but we’re new) Watch this video on YouTube Join us as we play Runners in the [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 181 – Jerrod Carmichael and Gunna April 4, 2022 - Jerrod Carmichael and Gunna are on SNL for the first time! Darin and John are rating and reviewing it for the 181st time! But it’s [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 180 – Lucy and Desi (2022) March 28, 2022 - John and Darin check out Amy Poehler’s new documentary, Lucy and Desi, all about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz! What went into the creation and [...]
Part 2! The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 93 – Brian Carney sits in! March 26, 2022 - “The Brian Carney Episode: Part 2” Brian was wonderful and stayed after his interview and hung with us and did a full episode with the [...]
The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 93 – An Interview with Brian Carney – Part 1 March 26, 2022 - “The Brian Carney Episode: Part 1” Part 1 of this episode is the complete interview with Brian Carney. We discuss everything from his childhood with [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 179 – Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) March 21, 2022 - It’s an off-week for SNL and it’s Darin’s birthday weekend, so Darin decided to talk about one of his favorite movies that he thought deserved [...]
SNL Nerds – Episode 178 – Zoe Kravitz and Rosalia March 14, 2022 - It’s the last new episode of March and SNL is going out like a lamb as John and Darin break down the most recent episode [...]
The Honeymooners Podcast – Episode 92 March 10, 2022 - “Sir Launcelet… Knight on a Dog” Like Ralph struggling to tell his joke, Episode 92 was loaded with mistakes, flubs, spoonerisms and stammers, and that [...]