“Playing with Comedians” Dexcon Premiere and Exclusive Clip!

“Playing with Comedians” three comedians and their first role-playing game.

Crowd Reaction at the Dexcon Premiere, Exclusive Clips, and a call for support for the project!

“Playing with Comedians” is a documentary film project from Non-Productive.com that asks the question: What would happen if three stand-up comedians, with no background in gaming other than their own stereotypes, were asked to sit down to their first role-playing game? 


On July 4th, the “Playing with Comedians” trailer premiered at DEXCON, the great-grandaddy of gaming conventions on the east coast, to a packed audience of born-and-bred gamers! The crowd reaction was – unexpected – and Frank Hablawi gives us his interpretation of events in this article on Non-Productive.com.


Our editor James Carolan has finished a few bonus preview clips from the film project; the first of which was paired with a private panel at Dexcon and will soon be available online!

Watch as Comedians Joe Conte, Mike Gaffney, and Joe Fernandes discuss how they met, their only prior game experiences, and what they really think goes on at the table! To get the latest in pre-release clips, be sure to signup at ThatIsNotAnOrg.Org!


We are committed to finishing and releasing our documentary, but with added funds we will be able to do it in record time, with bonus features, game sets, and most of our souls intact (the last thing might not be a necessity).

We’re using crowd-sourced fundraising platform IndieGoGo to secure preorders of our project and help ensure that it will be a success! Won’t you consider lending us a hand today? Check out our awesome perks, see exclusive videos of the producers begging, and watch those pre-release scenes were mentioned above by visiting our IndieGoGo page today!