October 05, 2012


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Geektober Fest!

As the nerds and dweebs here at Non-Productive.com gear up for the season premiere of all new shows on the network, we’ve got our eyes set on NYCC and, as always, we’re drooling for all the ghoulish festivities of our annual celebration of the season, Geektoberfest!

Here’s some stuff to wet your fiendish appetites!

Dave takes us on a

Horror Host Retrospective

Jesse celebrates baddies during

Villain Month

And now for this month’s Non-Productive.com Calendar!

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October Demotivational CalendarEnjoy!

Support Indie Artists!

NonPro loves independent artists, and that’s why we’re trying to crowdsource our new documentary project! Our IndieGoGo highlight:

Playing with Comedians

Playing with Comedians a documentary film project where we take professional standup comedians, armed only with their preconceived notions of gaming, and ask them to try their first role-playing game. Based on the award winning storygame “Fiasco” by Jason Morningstar

Support this project today!

“Playing with Comedians” Perk Tickets!

Now when you donate at certain levels – you’ll get tickets to see local comedians perform live! Visit our IndieGoGo Campaign for the latest news! Hurry, tickets and events won’t last!

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NonPro at Comic-Con!