NonPro’s Hot Dog Crawl!

Here it is, the (mostly) chronological documentation of our highly anticipated “NonPro Eats” hot dog tour of Clifton, NJ (and its environs). Stops included: Rutt’s Hut, The Hot Grill, Libby’s Lunch, The New Corral, and The Hearth. Interested in more? Follow NonPro to get the low-down on future crawls to join us!

First Stop

The Hearth

A Car Show?

Hearth Pic

Car Ride and the Origin of “Texas” Wieners

Libby’s Lunch


Libby’s Pic

Paterson Falls

The New Corral

New Corral

New Corral Pic

Hot Grill

Hot Grill

Hot Grill Pic

Rutt’s Hut

Rutt’s Hut

Rutt’s Pic