NonPro News — July 25, 2007

Good Evening and welcome to NonPro News. My name is Lindsey Saultz and here are tonight’s top stories.

The Republicans are at it again. A planned Republican fundraiser in New Hampshire aims to promote gun ownership.


By letting supporters fire off military strength weapons. For the low, low price of twenty-five dollars, the Manchester Republican Committee is allowing party members to spend a day trying out automatic weapons.

Democrats are upset about the event. They think it is in poor taste amid a spike of violent crimes in Manchester.

The organizer of the event, Jerry Thibodeau, disagrees. He said, “It’s a fun day. It’s a family day.”

A family day? Seriously, when did New Hampshire become a southern state?

In other news, a store in a small town in Eastern Germany didn’t miss a beat when a slender, blonde woman entered the story in the nude.

Ines Swoboda, an employee at the gas station that the mystery woman visited, said it’s happened before. “I wasn’t surprised because she’s come in naked before – she’s a very nice woman.” Additionally none of the other customers were bothered.

In all fairness, she wasn’t completely naked – she was wearing a thin gold bracelet and gold stilettos.

Always match your accessories ladies – even if that’s all you’re wearing.

And finally, Mexicans are taking over the world – with the siesta that is. The Parliament of the Republic of Hungary is looking to make a law about introducing the midday nap.

Eight million voters in Hungary may soon be asked to vote on a bill to introduce the siesta. The National Election Committee ruled late Monday that it was fit for referendum. Proponents of the bill have collected two hundred thousand signatures to force the referendum.

Since democracy came to Hungary after the fall on communism in 1989, there have been frequent referendums. Only two have passed though, the one on joining NATO and the European Union.

It’s a surprise that their referendum proposal about making beer free in restaurants failed.

Oh wait, no it’s not. Gotta love their spirit though.

And that concludes this week’s NonPro News. For the NonPro team, I’m Lindsey Saultz. Thanks for tuning in and stay weird world.

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