’s presents this year’s #MarchMadness Competition!

Years ago, decided to use the thrills of a March Madness style competition to celebrate Women’s History Month, and shortly after our landmark Women in Fiction competition came to an end we finally saw equality spread across the land!


Now, more than ever, everyone at NonPro sees the importance of commemorating the awesome female characters in the stories we love. We the Geeks feel that it is imperative to find and elevate these role-models, these bad-asses, these complex figures – wherever they may be. Strong female characters make for better stories, and better stories help us make sense of the sometimes scary world we find ourselves in.

So, with great pleasure, is once again holding a nerd-centric March Madness competition, and in honor of Women’s History Month, (and the fact that we are phenomenally bad at sports) we’re putting the spotlight on awesome women in fiction.

Nominate your favorite fictional female characters in the form below. We’ll use the results to seed our brackets for the competition this March. Characters can come from anywhere, be it television, film, comics, or games, and we encourage you to go wild!


Oh, and we’re always on the lookout for writers and commentators that can share their feelings about why these characters are so damn awesome. If you’re interested in helping out, email [email protected] today!

Submissions Period Has Closed! Check here for the latest round!