More wheels than brain cells

One of the benefits of my retarded (wickid re-tah-ded, for the natives) long commute is that occasionally, as I’m sitting in traffic, headbanging to Orville Prendergast’s Barbershop Explosion, I see some shit that makes me laugh.  Somtimes it’s as simple as a humorous bumper sticker (I saw one last week that said “McCain in ’08” – comic genius, I tells ya!).  Sometimes it’s a little more…

Last week I’m driving into work, at about 7:30 AM on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Masspike for the natives) when traffic slows down.  Thankfully, I’m still near the front of the pack, and I soon find out what the delay is.

There’s a car on the shoulder, dual flashers on.  As I get closer, I see the car is still rolling along – barely.  I can see that the car is dipping down on the front driver’s side.  Flat tire, I said to myself.

As I passed, I realized that the tire wasn’t flat.  It just WASN’T FUCKING THERE!  What’s more, the rim itself was AWOL.  I was witnessing a car driving on three rims and a BRAKE ROTOR!

What I want to know is:

1) Did the wheel pop off while driving, or did the driver stop and take it off?

2) Why was the driver still going? (staties pass by every few minutes – help would have been there quickly)

3) How far did he expect to get like that?

4) How far did he make it?

People… when you have only three wheels – STOP THE CAR!