Midnight Mares Comes Cantering into the Coming Season!

Midnight Mares launched its very first teaser trailer all the way back in 2014, and started its first Kickstarter in 2015…which was unfortunately unsuccessful. But creator Chris Allen Gann didn’t give up. His passion for this project would not be deterred, and the second Kickstarter, was much more successful, raised over $7,000 for the animated trailer! With Duo Cartoonist behind the wheel, something truly beautiful was made.

With the Kickstarter came merch, and it does not disappoint. Two plushies and two resin figures! Last year, they showed off these figures at Toy Fair along with their awesome character plushies! I was fortunate to get a look at Midnight Mares figurines and plushies at 2016’s Fillycon, and they were really awesome up close. This year, imagine my surprise when I passed their booth and saw FIVE new plushies!

And cool plushies they are- Mystery Mare, Bandit, and Dogwood, and two as-of-yet unnamed plushies who are still prototypes are about to hit the market! The steampunk boy pony is particularly fun, especially since the final version with have a more reflective, metallic copper fabric for the metal bits. Awesome!

These plushies are so soft too, with minky fabric you just want to rub your face in. The embroidered details are all there and there are no loose mesh fills. I just LOVE the new pink pony design. Her soft colour palette and sweet embroidered freckles just tug at my heart.

Midnight Mares’ third Kickstarter was successfully funded to create a comic book and the very first issue is shipping soon (the digital release is already out). Chris Allen Gann had it on display for the first time here at Toy Fair! It has nice, chunky pages and it’s beautiful art makes it one cool fantasy horse comic.

There’s ten minutes of animated feature storyboarded and ready to go, and Chris Allen Gann is very excited about licensing and distribution possibilities. I can’t tell you how much I would love to see this awesome passion project show up on my favourite streaming services!

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