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The Loud Idiots – Children’s Books with Rich Arons June 19, 2012 - This week on the Loud Idiots, Bacon Sundaes and fake Japanese wrestlers. Then, special guest Rich Arons, cartoon powerhouse and creator of , inspires a [...]
Looking for Really Old Podcasts? Sure, why not? June 16, 2012 - You can find much older episodes of Non-Productive.com shows by going to our old podcast page and keep hitting next page until you find the [...]
What the Hell???? March 27, 2008 - Those of you who have been following the voting for the 2008 Loud Idiots Movie Awards are aware that as of the writing of this [...]
The 2008 Loud Idiots Movie Awards! March 18, 2008 - In honor (dread?) of the upcoming Loud Idiot Movie Awards, we here at NonProductive have kept tradition alive and agreed to host some of the [...]